Sunday, July 7, 2013

Why does it feel like I wasted the day--when I didn't?

Sleep schedule still isn't quite right, but maybe getting there.  I'm kind of amazed at the fact that I'm still waking up in the middle of the night.  But it's getting better.  Spent the morning working on a table of contents, which is still...iffy.  Then went for a walk to get stuff: toiletries, money, hummus, bread.  And a trip to the shuk for fruit and veggies. 
After lunch--more or less a middle-eastern calzone--I worked on the prospectus, beginning with the most intimidating piece: my book is like Book X because..., but better/different/complementary/etc. because... Claude describes this as helping the publisher imagine where the book fits in the field and--more importantly--how it can be sold.  So I spent what seemed like forever looking at publisher's websites in sociology, religion, and Jewish studies. Felt like a real waste of time (any time not writing=a waste), but of course it wasn't.  For one thing, I now have a very clear idea of which publishers publish the kind of book I have.  And I have a clear idea of which ones understand the value of a good website. 
With a good website, clicking the subject takes you to a pages that display some number of books, each with icon of the book cover, with full title and author, and formats in which it's available, often with a "buy" button, and click-through for more information.  With a bad website, clicking the subject takes you to a list of titles that are live links to a page for each book.  If you know the book you want, the latter is fine.  If you're browsing, forget it.  While browsing, I found about five books I wanted to get (I did get one)--none of them from the "bad site," which I could not get through.  As a potential author, this says something about how my book would be marketed.  So, while it's a bit of chicken-counting, still it's good to keep in mind.
Got the draft of the prospectus done--needs more work, but tomorrow should see it all done. 
Cooked a meal for the first time (as opposed to just chopping up tomatoes and cukes).  One of the eggplant-onion-pepper-tomato messes I like to make.  Had it with bread and hummus and "bulgarit" (a white cheese I've only every had here) and laban.  Yum.
And now to bed...

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