Thursday, July 4, 2013

And one more for today--the shuk and some pictures...

After the last post, I went out to get food.  Turns out the local shuk--here defined as open-air produce market--is across the street from the train station--that is, 250 meters from my front door.  Here's my problem: I can go every single day.  So how do I manage limit how much I get?  Answer: not well.  Everyone should have such problems!  Here's a bunch of pictures:

There's the entrance to the shuk and my take for the day: tomatoes and cukes, a couple carrots, plums and peaches and grapes, some bread and olive, milk and cheese.  Spent about $8.  And really--will last for a couple days.  I grabbed a container of cheese without a clue as to what it was.  Turns out to be soft cheese with olive oil and zatar.  I'm not disappointed.
The next pictures are the train station and the main drag, then the entrance to the house and my view from the front porch where I ate my lunch.  Note where the train tracks are....There's a path that goes in front of the house and crosses the tracks. While eating lunch, I saw a mother greeted by a small child, a man in kippah and tzitzit on a bike with a small child, a couple groups of teenage boys with backpacks, and a couple groups of women with head-coverings.
Then there's the house--kind of speaks for itself.  That's it--really and truly.  The end!

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