Thursday, July 18, 2013

To Haifa and back...

Went to University of Haifa yesterday to meet with a former professor and a colleague.  It was really nice to go somewhere--sitting in front of a computer was making me a bit stir-crazy.
Took the train, then the bus, up to the university, making the transfer at Merkazit HaMifratz.  It's a train station, bus station, and amazing mall--which I did not have time to explore, but kind of wanted to. I realized that part of the reason I've been feeling like this visit has been hard is because I'm really on my own.  Last time, I was part of the ulpan, which is quite a sheltered experience, and then traveled with a friend from ulpan.  This time my Hebrew is worse (although I have no qualms about just using English), and I'm on my own.  So...not doing too badly, all things considered.
At the university, I talked with both people about how to approach the World Congress talk and about Israel in general.  And I began writing the dissertation preface and conclusion.  Both good things to do, making me write about the forest, instead focusing on the trees.  I'm going to make this short, as I want to get back to work on that.
This evening I will be picked up to spend Shabbat on a Conservative kibbutz.  Really looking forward to doing Jewish stuff that is both serious and liberal.

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