Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day off

The real reason I went to Akko to write, apparently, was not to be distracted.  Jerusalem is nothing if not distracting. Today I had no conference sessions to go to (no, really, nothing), so I caught up on other things.
I went off for a jog this morning. That meant up and down hills and stairs.  Tiring, but interesting.  The climate is Livermore--dry and about 90 (70 in the morning)--but much more interesting to look at it.  And really, really not flat.  I went by apartments that seems single-story--then I realized the rest of the building was down the hill. 
Came back and responded to emails.  I continue to have two publishers interested in seeing the final book when it's done (and saying very nice things about it.  Two others may weigh in, but they haven't really looked at the material yet for one legitimate reason or another. I never heard from one and one said no.  All in all, I'm not displeased. (Okay, fine, I'm ecstatic.  Really, kind of in disbelief.)
Then I went off with my hostess to look for gifts. We ended up at a place called Kadosh (http://www.2eat.co.il/eng/kadosh/) for lunch.  Bakery like you wouldn't believe.  I'm going there everyday from now on (well, every day that I can).
Then I wandered down Ben Yehuda street--full of tourists of all kinds, shops of all kinds from crap to lovely but standard.  Then I found a little shop with some very interesting things...not saying more here. 
Continued to work on emails to the various professors--and got some done, but not all.  But I'm making headway--mostly in conquering the "I'm going to say something wrong" demon. 
And so to bed...

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