Friday, July 26, 2013

Not moving particularly fast...

More writing. I'm still in the "get the room tidied up" mode.  And it's not going well. That is, I feel better with a clean room.  I can work better when I know what's where.  The equivalent for the dissertation is all stuff that goes around it.  Today I worked on the preface and got it to a point where I needed to stop--and realized it twice too long. So...yeah, that went well.
Then I decided I needed to do the methods section.  Which, in fact, is true--I do need to do that.  So I began working on it. And found myself in one of those tortuous places where the numbers don't match. Took about three hours to sort out why (a couple of places where one person answered several roles--so is that one interview or three?--depends on if you're counting people or roles.  That is, it's one interview, but counts for a rabbi, an educator, and an admin. So both one AND three.  As long as I'm clear.  Which I wasn't). Then I started to put together the interview schedules.  There are thirteen different interview schedules.  Which I am not putting in one after the other--too much repetition and doesn't really do the job of presenting information usefully.  So I presenting it as: everyone was asked this set of questions.  In addition, this set of people was asked this other set of questions.  And so on.  I really hope it's clearer that just cut and paste.
In the process of doing this, though, it's become clear just how much work went into this project.  It happened a bit at a time.  But...I asked a huge number of people a huge number of questions. Which they mostly answered thoughtfully.  Damn. What a deal.

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