Monday, August 5, 2013

Another day at the Library

Yup, today was rinse and repeat.  Not quite as focused as yesterday--but I was close to done with Methods.  I ended up sending it off with a few questions--as in "duh, I don't know how to conclude." I mean that quite literally: I'm not really sure how do methods as an appendix.  If it were chapter two, it might be clearer.  But still--do I conclude with "here's how I'd do it differently next time"?--if so, most of that was written in the chapter.  Do I conclude with "here's thoughts for the future"?--I'd  rather put that in the actual conclusion.  If not either of those things, then what?  So time to send it off for comments...
Slept badly last night, so I took a nap in the gardens adjoining the Library--lovely and brief and just enough.  Then began work on conclusion (of the whole thing); didn't go well, so I started the bibliography
Had another falafel for dinner--this one in pita, which is the small size.  Tomorrow I get one at noon, so I have time to digest it!
On another subject, one of the Tablet columnists wrote about some good Jewish children's books (of the older child/teen variety.  So I downloaded them.  One was dreadful; the other had a pretty good plot, but that was it.  It was set in "Jewish" summer camp--but there was virtually nothing Jewish about the camp--nor was the camp itself very interesting. But the third book was golden!  It's Watcher in the Shadows, by Chris Moriarty (careful if you get it--there's another book with the same title by a different author).  Set in an alternate universe of the early 20th century, it's place of immigrants and magic all a bit slant--J. P. Morgan is Morgaunt, for example.  The Astors are the Astrals.  And so on. I didn't twink to it being the second in a series until about a third of the way in, at which I got the first one: The Inquisitor's Apprentice.  Which does need to be read first. Both have gotten good reviews--except for the one from School Library Journal which complained because kids in grades 4-7 wouldn't get the jokes, there was too much ethnic fighting (umm, have you read about the early 20th century, dork?), and too many Jewish words that weren't defined.  All of which recommends it for me.  It's not, by the way, written for 4th graders--too much specific history is assumed.  I'd say middle-school and above and there's no reason adults wouldn't like it a lot--especially anyone who likes well-done alternative history with a touch of magic--well-grounded magic.  I'm hooked.  But you knew that.

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